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BrightQ (Savin)

BrightQ For Savin Supplies an Easy-to-Use, Graphically Rich, Printing Environment.

BrightQ for Savin was developed exclusively for the UNIX and Linux operating systems. This dynamic printing suite is available for nearly all Savin black and white and color printers and multifunction products. Not only does BrightQ? provide a sophisticated, graphical printing environment, but it also installs an easy to configure and support service protocol suite. This turnkey package allows users to take advantage of the full functionality of all their Savin printers and multifunction devices while still capitalizing on the strength of their UNIX and Linux applications.

Basic Features Include:

  • Add/remove printers
  • Inspect and manage job queues
  • Drag-and-drop jobs from one printer queue to the other
  • Pop-up tool tips/help menus
  • Adjust system-wide settings for multiple users on multiple printers
  • Set user and system default configurations
  • Define the service protocols desired for printing, i.e., LPD/R, SMB, IPP, etc.
  • Software updates from FTP and HTTP sites when available
  • Print test page/PostScriptR documents
  • Automatic software update capacity
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