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ScanRouter V2 Pro (Savin)

Receive, Scan, Download and Distribute... All From One Convenient Source

Savin's latest innovation in practical office tools turns your stand-alone copier into a network-wide document distribution system – scanning and fax routing. ScanRouter V2 Pro is a leading-edge technological advancement that simplifies your work environment by combining the efforts of multiple systems into one. Easily receive and download fax communications and scanned documents, and produce multiple copies for easy distribution.

Feature Benefits: From Scanning to Easy Retrieval
The practical features of ScanRouter V2 Pro helps accelerate the processes of today's high demand office environment.

Network scanning

  • Scan, copy, and fax functions combined into one system
  • Scan to email
  • Send and receive digital faxes
  • Electronic back-up of forms and documents containing images, signatures, comments, diagrams, etc.


  • Produce multiple copies for easy distribution
  • Reduce paper supply, cost & waste
  • Rapidly distribute urgent documents
  • Organize and quickly distribute reports, photos, personnel records, etc.

Document storage and retrieval

  • Increase productivity by integrating paper documents
  • Long-term archiving / archival management
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce paper volume

System Interface Connects to Your Network
ScanRouter V2 Pro directly interfaces with your Savin multifunctional system. When loaded onto your network administrator's system, all connected users can access their personal file from their own station through a web-enabled ScanRouter-Browser. This browser function also allows users to post documents to a corporate internet. A powerful tool for document sharing, the ScanRouter V2 Pro can program up to 200 destinations and multiple systems can be managed by the same server.

You can optimize this system by integrating it with Savin's DeskTopBinder, for simple viewing and retrieval of your documents

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ScanRouter V2 Pro

Digital document delivery system of scanned documents and inbound fax routing system.
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