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DeskTopBinder (Savin)

Simplify Document Viewing, Management & Retrieval
Are you searching for a practical tool to help you manage both electronic and paper documents while increasing productivity? Searching for the elusive "paperless office" environment? Take a look at our latest innovation, DeskTopBinder V2 Pro – the newest way to effortlessly file, view, manage and retrieve documents – one step closer to simplifying your document management processes.

Expand Your Capabilities
The convenience of DeskTopBinder V2 Pro provides you with a productive way to integrate paper into digital networks. You'll efficiently manage your paper-based documents, as well as share resources. Most file types stored in DeskTopBinder V2 Pro can be moved, copied, viewed, edited and printed, and images can be manipulated, as well.

With DeskTopBinder V2 Pro's Extended Features you can:

  • Input any paper documents from your scanner as a new document, or incorporate into an existing one.
  • Convert image files into text files with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.
  • Export files to specific applications without converting the file format.
  • Convert multiple formatted documents into a single format (TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PDF).
  • E-mail documents directly for DeskTopBinder V2 Pro application

This industrious software allows you to store up to 1000 documents or images in up to 100 folders.

  • Multiple stored files can be viewed together in the DeskTopBinder V2 Pro window. Views include thumbnail, icon, detail and calendar.
  • Related files can be clipped together and managed as one document.
  • Instantly retrieve files by searching for document or section names, note content, dates, etc.

Enjoy Effortless Graphics Editing
DeskTopBinder V2 Pro is more than just a filing system. Other important features include the ability to convert and export files, scan hard copy documents into DeskTopBinder V2 Pro and convert to digital text using the integral OCR (optical character recognition) program. You can also export files to specific applications without converting the file format. DeskTopBinder V2 Pro gives you direct access to email—email directly from the DeskTopBinder V2 Pro window and attach and/or forward stored files. Users can cut & paste entire graphic and digital images to a clipboard, add text or stamps to images, save the edits, and draw lines or shapes to emphasize focus or details.

To optimize your experience with DeskTopBinder V2 Pro, consider combining it with Savin's ScanRouter V2 – conveniently scan, route and distribute documents. It turns your stand-alone copier into a rapid, digital, network-wide document distribution system.

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Effortlessly store, view and manage application files and image files.
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