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DeskTopBinder V5 (Savin)

DeskTopBinder™ V5 organizes your files and allows you to create notes, combine documents of different formats, and print them as one entire package, all from a single application.


·  DeskTopBinder V5 lets you combine files from different applications, then print the combined document to eliminate collating
·  Provides a convenient, intuitive interface for the ScanRouter and eCabinet solutions
·  Awarded BERTL's "Best Document Management Utility"
·  Personal document and file management
·  Output combined documents for reports, training materials, customer data, etc...
·  Improves organziation, saves time and eliminates collating
·  Better collaboration - easily convert files to PDF to share with colleagues or customers
·  Find documents fast using folders, thumbnail views, keyword searching
·  Save time printing by pre-printing files at your PC and previewing them on your desktop
·  Lower cost PDF creation alternative to Adobe Acrobat Professional
·  Combine Microsoft Office files, Acrobat documents, scanned images and other files, then arrange the pages electronically and print as one unified document
·  Use included editing and drawing tools for modifying digital images
·  Print magazine and booklet formats using supported RPCS drivers
·  Post documents on the Internet/Intranet without a working knowledge of HTML
·  Stand alone desktop PC application
·  View over 200 different file formats without having to install the programs with which they were created
·  Includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software - scan documents to DeskTopBinder and convert to digital text.
·  DeskTopBinder provides a common interface for ScanRouter EX Enterprise and Professional
In-Trays, the eCabinet storage solution, and files stored on MFP hard drives
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DeskTopBinder V5

Personal Document Management Software
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