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Device Manager NX Lite (SAVIN)

Product Overview

Ricoh’s Device Manager NX Lite provides timely data and the ability to efficiently monitor and manage up to 250 networked printing devices. Real-time device status monitoring keeps administrators informed about toner, paper levels and other basic device functions and additional data is collected for Ricoh devices. This gives the administrator a more extensive view of the fleet, and the software is designed to take full advantage of Ricoh’s services-led platform devices.

  • Device Manager NX Lite is a client based device management utility designed with advanced productivity in mind. Built on an all new user interface, it provides a great deal of print fleet information, including device status information for a mixed fleet in a simple three pane view. Advanced device management features simplify the process of batch configuring Ricoh models. In addition, it permits 'cloning' of select features Ricoh's new 'services-led platform' devices.
  • IT Managers seeking to simplify the monitoring and management of their device fleet
  • Service Providers who manage a fleet of print devices
  • Optimize the support of printing at your company and reduce printer related support calls
  • Automated device management plus advanced productivity features for services-led platform devices
  • Administrators can export select settings from one services-led platform device, create a template, then distribute that template to easily ‘Clone’ multiple devices of the same model in a single scheduled task
  • Batch Configuration saves you time and lets you work with multiple Ricoh devices at once, which is especially convenient when performing a fleet refresh
  • Gain visibility to installed Ricoh applications on Ricoh services-led platform devices
  • Supports up to 250 devices from a single client based instance
  • Collects a standard set of data ie Manufacturer, Model name, serial number / MAC Address, IP address, for most manufacturers’ devices, along with the total print meter
  • Monitor toner, paper levels, and other basic device status
  • Collects additional detailed meter data for Ricoh devices, including copy, scan, print and fax usage – even distinguish between color and black & white and measure output by settings like duplex or 11" x 17"
  • When used with Ricoh’s services-led platform devices, Device Cloning lets you export select settings from 1 MFP to create a template, then “Clone” that template to configure the model devices with minimal effort
  • Display list lets you quickly navigate to a specific device and display its detailed properties
  • Custom filters can be set-up to quickly identify devices based on user-defined criteria
  • Installs on a PC
  • Network devices can be automatically discovered and grouped by basic criteria
  • Printing devices can be grouped logically for example by department or workgroup
  • Device conditions are detected using a highly optimized method of polling
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Device Manager NX Lite

Ricoh’s Device Manager NX Lite provides timely data and the ability to efficiently monitor and manage up to 250 networked printing devices.
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