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imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials (Canon)

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials, combined with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE model, is a complete solution that will bring a new persepective of office technology to everyday business activities. imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials is comprised of three different components; imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop, Workflow Composer with MEAP Connectors, and imageRUNNER ADVANCE Tracker. Each of these components helps businesses attain a higher quality and efficiency of work in less time. imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop is a user-friendly PC application that reduces waste in office operations by facilitating smoother processes with Canon imageRUNNER and imageRUNENR ADVANCE Series models. The functions provided by imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop integrate with hardware devices and software programs, helping users process documents more efficiently with document management, device collaboration, and document manipulation tools. Workflow Composer and MEAP Connectors increase the efficiency of routine operations. By creating and registering a combination of functions that are frequently used on models as "a flow," you can repeatedly use these functions with the simple press of a button. imageRUNNER ADVANCE Tracker tracks all copy, print, scan, and fax usage by user or department through a device embedded output tracking solution for imageRUNNER ADVANCE Systems enabled with MEAP technology.

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imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials is a package of software solutions designed to enhance the end-user experience and device management of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. This all-in-one package will turn a device-centric solution into a needs-centric one. End-users, IT administrators, and decision-makers will benefit by incoporating the various components of this unique collection of products.
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