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EFI MicroPress Connectivity (Gestetner)

Powerful Document Workflow Solutions that Address a Broad Range of Customer Applications

Whether you need to produce one job quickly or multiple jobs simultaneously, the MicroPress Pro Series Connectivity supports document production solutions that are capable of maximizing return on investment and are scalable and optimized for growth, versatile enough to handle a broad range of requirements and capable of unmatched productivity


Advanced print job management

  • Preview jobs prior to printing
  • Archive jobs for future use
  • Schedule jobs for future processing
  • Export job information to third party billing tools
  • Provides job management with a single front end solution

Maximum Productivity

  • TRuePrint - enables printing at device's maximum speed regardless of page content.
  • TRueRecover - page and job level error detection across all connected print devices.
  • TRueCluster - distribute jobs across multiple devices either on a page or set basis.
  • Provides growth-optimized scalability and flexibility with a broad range of connectivity options.

Micropress Pro Series

  • MicroPress Prodigy Server
    - Supports printing to one 90/105 ppm engine
    - Provides full make-ready support
  • MicroPress Professional Server
    - Cluster up to four print engines
    - Full make-ready support
    - Easy to add functionality and devices
  • MicroPress Production Server
    - Cluster up to 12 print engines
    - Full make-ready support
    - Customizable workflow

Robust make-ready capabilities

  • Job level programming
    - Merge pages within documents
    - Insert, delete and replace pages
    - Insert and prepare tabs
    - Apply sequential numbering
    - Segregate documents in numerous ways
    - Impose documents in numerous ways
    - Apply variable information for job personalization
  • Page level programming
    - Ability to make page level changes without re-RIPing the job
    - Cut, copy and paste page content
    - Clean and straighten pages
    - Reformat page content to accommodate document finishing

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EFI MicroPress Connectivity

Manage high output! Prepress software and cluster printing
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