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Ribstone Systems Inc. (Canon)
Ribstone Systems offer the legal industry a versatile solution for print-for-pay photocopy vendors, litigation copy vendors, facilities management firms, law firms, and corporate legal departments.

Ribstone's solution can be used individually or together as a complete solution:


  • Ribstone Image Printer:
    Create instant print sets with Bates Numbers from an imported CD with TIFF images. Operators can create instant print sets, complete with slipsheets for document breaks and machine staples, at machine rated speeds.


  • Ribstone Scan-to-Print:
    A quick-and-easy "walk-up" solution for operators to scan, Bates Number and print documents simultaneously. Operators can design a customized numbering sequence to be printed on each page, specify paper size and number of sets to be printed.


  • The Ribstone Capture System:
    A kiosk-based application for sophisticated scanning, processing and printing tasks, all on one multifunction machine. Allows users to perform complex tasks such as scanning, quality control, Bates Numbering, creating graphic and searchable PDFs, OCR conversion, and generating loadfiles.
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