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DR-5060F Hybrid Document Scanner (Canon)

Canon's DR-5060F - The Scanner with a Photographic Memory. In one simple operation, you get the security and legal acceptability of microfilm storage. Plus, you get the digital convenience of high-speed, PC online access.

No single technology or machine has succeeded in handling all aspects of document capture, storage and retrieval. Representing a category of one, Canon's DR-5060F is the first high-speed, high-volume desktop scanner to combine the best of both digital and analog worlds, in one affordable, space-saving unit.

In today's digital economy, businesses rely on advanced information technology to carry them into the future. Even the most sophisticated data storage technology can have a limited life span.

Technology may change, but the DR-5060F will keep your important documents secure for at least 100 years. If anyone knows the secret to long life, Canon does. A world leader in imaging technology for over 40 years, Canon's superior reputation for reliability is very well documented.

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DR-5060F Hybrid Document Scanner

Canon's DR-5060F - The Scanner with a Photographic Memory. Only Canon's DR-5060F digital scanner captures documents electronically, saving them simultaneously on obsolescence-proof microfilm.
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