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Liquent CoreDossier (Canon)
Mid-sized life sciences companies often must make a difficult choice: use industry-leading regulatory publishing software or choose affordable printing devices. Often, they choose a less efficient publishing solution or outsource the process.

Canon and Liquent have joined forces, and all this has changed. CoreDossier 5.5.3, the industry's leading content assembly and regulatory publishing system, now supports Canon imageRUNNER production devices. No longer must pharmaceutical businesses buy a print device with excess capacity; now they can choose printers matched to their budget and regulatory publishing in-house. In a competitive industry where a day's delay of new product can mean significant lost revenue, Canon offers flexible print solutions than can also create significant ROI.

Liquent's CoreDossier is the leading regulatory publishing solution. Fully scalable, CoreDossier supports over 150 file types, outputs multiple formats, and automatically creates finishing options. With support for imageRUNNER devices, customers can choose a cost effective print solution balancing cost vs. speed while gaining Canon's industry-leading reliability and service.

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Liquent CoreDossier

With support for imageRUNNER devices, customers have a range of printing options for the leading content assembly and regulatory publishing software, CoreDossier.
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