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imageMOVER (Canon)

A product of Canon's broad-based, well-recognized strengths in digital, micrographic, and imaging technologies, Canon's imageMOVER takes microfilm to new levels of convenience when combined with a Canon Microfilm Scanner. Scanned film images are converted into digital files, automatically, without any manual intervention. For electronic processing and distribution, imageMOVER offers easy integration into industry-standard systems and applications, eliminating costly file conversions. Using existing Local/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) systems, imageMOVER will transfer images automatically, to a variety of output devices for viewing, editing, printing, foldering, faxing, e-mailing or storage.
The imageMOVER integrated solution consists of five separate modules, each designed to automate a specific aspect of processing and distribution. Providing the power and functionality of a WindowsA 32-bit environment, it prioritizes and routes requests, issues online status reports, adjusts image quality, and guarantees timely delivery. Implementing the imageMOVER system won't require you to compromise your existing environment, modify applications, or lose your investment in current technology. It can be configured to accept requests from third party software, or download batches of requests directly from the mainframe. imageMOVER transmits scanned images, electronically, to any location or output device, from any application. Offering "one-click" speed and convenience, it maximizes productivity, removing barriers to workforce integration.

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A comprehensive, scalable, integrated software solution, Canon's imageMOVER automates your entire check/document retrieval, processing, and distribution system.
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