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APWI PrintBuilder Lite and PCL Lite (Canon)
PrintBuilder Lite
PrintBuilder Lite enables a customer to take advantage of new technology while maximizing their investment by converting sysout or line printer data to PCL or PDF and incorporating the paper handling and finishing support of the imageRUNNER. Print "Green Bar" reports on the imageRUNNER easily and efficiently. PrintBuilder Lite is a robust and cost effective solution for customer's wanting to enhance their current ASCII output without changing their application.

PCL Lite
PCL Lite improves workflow by enhancing PCL data streams or converting to PDF. Customers using Enterprise Resource Planning and other host applications generating PCL are able to take advantage of the advanced functionality and the improved productivity the imageRUNNER delivers. Customers can expand their control over their output by using the upgrade edition to manage jobs more closely.

To download a trial version of PrintBuilder Lite and PCL Lite, click here:

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APWI PrintBuilder Lite and PCL Lite

Enhance ASCII and PCL data streams to improve throughput, output, print quality and data management in a flexible cost effective solution.
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