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Laser Class 720i (Canon)

Canon's LASER CLASS 720i Facsimile System is the perfect choice when your business requires standard Internet faxing, PC faxing, Super G3 faxing, local and network printing and scanning capabilities for those lower volume environments. Like the LASER CLASS 730i, the LASER CLASS 720i is capable of Internet Faxing. Internet enabled fax machines along with Canon's push scan technology allow the user to convert scanned documents into file formats that are easily transported over the internet or the company intranet, sending data to E-mail address destinations, network or host folders and files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), document management systems, or other I-fax-capable machines. Internet Faxing bypasses the public switched telephone network, and offers many advantages, including virtually eliminating phone line charges, the simultaneous and instantaneous distribution of information, maintaining document and image quality, and increasing the productivity of any business.
In addition, the LASER CLASS 720i has a scanning width of 8.4", a standard memory of up to 510 pages (8MB) with the upgrade potential of up to 1,500 pages (40MB), and a standard 350-sheet paper capacity with the option to upgrade to a maximum paper capacity of up to 1,100 sheets.

LASER CLASS 720i is part of the LASER CLASS 700 Series Family. Information on the LASER CLASS 730i and 710 can be found under the respective headings.

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Delayed Relay Broadcast
Facsimile Attribute
Receiving Paper Tray
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Laser Class 720i

The LASER CLASS 720i Internet Facsimile System is aggressively priced and comes standard with Internet Fax, desktop and network printing as well as network scanning capabilities for those busy, mid-high volume environments.
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