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Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite (Canon)

Pageflex®, a division of Bitstream Inc., is a leading technology provider of Web-to-print applications and sophisticated personalized communications based on customer information. Pageflex pioneered flexible variable data software with its debut in 1997 and has been a technology innovator in the Web-to-print and variable data arenas ever since. Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite is a desktop-based variable data application for generating customized print and email documents in black and white or full color. Persona Cross Media Suite serves as campaign central for cross-media marketing programs ranging from print personalization, to variable length documents with 100% content customization, to personalized emails. A solution that combines Persona Cross Media Suite and a Canon CLC device enables companies to differentiate themselves and grow their digital businesses by communicating one-on-one with their customers, increasing response rates, and streamlining production workflows. Persona Cross Media Suite is loaded with a wide range of features that will enable Canon digital color customers to produce heavy-duty variable data documents and sophisticated multi touch marketing campaigns.

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Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite

A workflow that combines Persona Cross Media Suite and a Canon CLC enables companies to implement cross media marketing campaigns that are personalized/customized with variable data.
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