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Emtex: FlexServer (Canon)

Emtex FlexServer provides scalable output management for large-output operations supporting both printed and electronic formats. FlexServer manages all production jobs centrally from multiple hosts and sites to provide optimal productivity and resources utilization. FlexServer streamlines multisite operations using imageRUNNER devices by balancing workloads and addressing disaster recovery, regardless of the PDL. Emtex provides VIP and VDE to provide "Any to Any" print stream conversion that maintains the integrity of the document while delivering the advanced functionality of the imageRUNNER device to the document process. FlexServer simplifies resource management by centrally storing and maintaining resources, enabling a job to be sent to any imageRUNNER device throughout the enterprise.

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FlexServer Disaster Control Brochure
FlexPOD Brochure
Virtual Intelligence Presentation Brochure
Virtual Document Enhance Brochure
Virtual Intelligence Presentation Product Sheet
FlexPOD Architecture Brochure
FlexServer Architecture Brochure
Virtual Intelligence Presentaion Transform
FlexServer Solution Overview
Virtual Document Enhance Editor Brochure
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Emtex: FlexServer¿

Emtex FlexServer is a robust, scalable output management solution equipped specifically for operation with large volumes of electronic or printed output. FlexServer coupled with Emtex VIP and VDE solutions can manage the document production process.
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