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Solimar Systems Print/Director 2000 (Canon)

Companies with legacy print equipment that want to take advantage of new print technologies (such as the imageRUNNER product line) use the Solimar® Print/Director? to facilitate an easy transition. The Print/Director 2000 provides connectivity, data stream conversion, and sophisticated job management into one modular product. This set of capabilities makes it possible for the imageRUNNER to accept jobs that are intended for Xerox or IBM equipment without the customer having to rewrite their applications to output Postscript, PCL, or other file formats.

Additionally, Solimar Print/Director addresses a wide range of output management needs. Today's customers want to do more than just print, they have needs to display, manage, and archive documents electronically. The Print/Director provides simple solutions to many complex output problems whether centralized or distributed in nature. With Solimar's industry proven products, training programs, sales tools, and sales support, Canon sales representatives are empowered to take a more consultative approach to selling imageRUNNER products.

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Solimar Systems Print/Director 2000

The Solimar Print/Director 2000 is a production document delivery solution, combining integrated host to printer connectivity with fast accurate print stream conversion, routing, and advanced queue/spool management in one modular product.
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