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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.:VPS® (Canon)

In 1981, LRS developed software that enable mainframes to distribute output to devices beyond the data center. The core product is VPS (VTAM Printer Support), which runs on more than 5,000 mainframes worldwide.

Utilizing different product elements, VPS can route output to a variety of destinations from LAN print queues and file servers to email servers and Web browsers. The various elements of VPS provide a unified way to send output generated by multiple platforms to multiple print devices on a network.

VPS/TCIPIP works with VPS on the host to route jobs and achieves page level error recovery by using PJL-based Bi-directional Internet Printing (BIP) via sockets. The ability of the imageRUNNER to support BIP adds value to customers by providing a more efficient and cost effective way to print, while supporting the fundamental VPS capability of managing and maintaining printing at the mainframe.

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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.:VPS®

With VPS support, Canon customers can implement imageRUNNER devices in VPS environments, obtaining full access to finishing and paper handling capabilities as well as bi-directional communication via sockets with the host (mainframe).
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