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CD-4070NW (Canon)
Translating innovations into solutions has made Canon a leader in imaging equipment and information systems for more than 40 years. By extending the boundaries of image capture, Canon Digital Document Recorders can be deployed virtually anywhere. Combining advanced capture, archiving, and networking in an economical, all-in-one desktop system, they offer many of the capabilities of complex systems, with Canon's trademark plug-and-play ease.

All operations are performed on a large 8.4", high-resolution, LCD color touch-screen panel. Fast, reliable, and user-friendly, this all-in-one, compact desktop system allows users to scan document images, then store and share them directly over networks or onto CD-Recordable discs, a standard, low-cost, reliable archiving medium. By way of a familiar file folder structure based on Windows(r) explorer, CD images are easily retrieved and viewed on virtually any PC by anyone with access, all without special software.

Documents scanned by the CD-4070NW are automatically saved on the internal hard disk as backup data, prior to being written to a recordable CD. As long as the data is retained on the device, it is available to create multiple copies of the same disc for distribution, or to search for documents through Web browsers from remote PCs over networks.

The CD-4070NW offers workgroups convenience and versatility by allowing easy access through a standard Web browser. Through 100Base-T networks, you can have accessibility from any network PC using standard Windows software. It allows network users to search, view, and download documents archived on the CD-4070NW device's hard drive by using either a key word, file name, file type, date, or directory reference. Additional network scanning capabilities include features such as scan-to-file and scan-to-e-mail. Now 24-bit color-enabled, the CD-4070NW converts documents into multipage TIFF, JPEG, or PDF image files.

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The CD-4070NW offers workgroups convenience and versatility by allowing easy access through a standard Web browser.
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