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RighFax Connector (SAVIN)

The RightFax Connector enables MFPs with ESA (Embedded Software Architecture) to work with Open Text RightFax Server and Open Text FaxPress. This affordable connector provides access to RightFax functionality directly from the MFP's touch screen display. RightFax customers can now harness the MFP's scanning capability without changes to their RightFax infrastructure or processes.

·  Cost-effective software connector enables interoperability between an ESA equipped Multi-function Product (MFP) and Open Text RightFax Server or Open Text FaxPress
·  Use MFPs to streamline document scanning and distribution by fax and email (using RightFax)
·  Secure the electronic distribution of scanned documents for compliance and adherence to corporate security policies (using RightFax)
·  RightFax customers can leverage their existing IT infrastructure and use familiar processes to scan, email and fax documents
·  Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and accelerate Return On Investment (ROI) by extending RightFax capabilities directly to users at the MFP
·  Address compliance and corporate security policies using RightFax' built-in security, history and audit trail
·  Scan documents at the MFP and send by fax or email via RightFax
·  The intuitive RightFax interface module is accessed directly from the MFP's touch screen display
·  The RightFax interface module lets you address fax or email messages, access cover pages, phone books and billing code lists
·  Access your personal RightFax account from the MFP
·  Provides direct two-way connection between the MFP and RightFax Server or FaxPress without the need for additional middleware
·  Connector works with a compatible ESA (Enhanced Software Architecture) MFP with Java VM Card
·  Installing the RightFax Connector on an MFP does not change the functions and operations that have been established for RightFax, so no additional RightFax testing is required
·  Supports existing RightFax User and Guest accounts
·  Users' personal settings are maintained by the RightFax server, so no change of process is required
·  Security settings are inherited at the MFP based on authentication


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RighFax Connector

Direct Access to RightFax from the MFP
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