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GlobalScan™ NX Serverless (SAVIN)

Product Overview

GlobalScan NX converts scanned paper documents into electronic files and routes them to network folders, email addresses, fax servers and other destinations. This simple to use solution lets users perform a scanning operation by selecting one menu button and pressing start.

  • Simple to use document capture and distribution solution runs on networked Multifunction Products (MFPs) and requires no separate server
  • User-friendly interface with large customizable buttons
  • Intuitive admin tools to pre-set and configure workflows
  • Ideal for small/medium size businesses, departments or branch offices
  • Preserve business paper documents electronically in an organized file system
  • Automate paper-based processes
  • Secure scanning to protect confidential data and meet security policies and regulations
  • Cost reduction in overnight delivery, faxing, storage and document handling costs
  • Reduces the number of steps to complete a scanning job
  • Simple operation increases user acceptance and reduces errors
  • Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves storage space and improves information flow
  • Routing documents electronically reduces or eliminates the cost of courier services and speeds delivery
  • Serverless configuration reduces costs of deploying and maintaining a separate server
  • Simple and easy - users can select one menu button and press start
  • Customizable display with large graphical buttons
  • Scanning processes are pre-set by administrators and mapped to buttons (including distribution to multiple destinations at once)
  • Scanned documents can be routed to email addresses in the company address book, fax servers, network folders, home folders, FTP and document archives
  • Saves scans to a common image file formats including: TIFF, Multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and Multi-page PDF
  • Automatically routes incoming faxes to select network folders (when used with fax-enabled MFPs)
  • Route scanned documents to a ″watch folder″ , along with the associated metadata, for integration with document management software or other back-end applications
  • Scan image preview on the MFP Operation Panel allows users to zoom in/out and verify the image quality before committing the final scan into the workflow process
  • Easy to deploy - requires no separate server
  • Administrator can manage multiple MFPs using a web-browser based admin tool installed on a PC
  • Job Flow Configuration Tool makes it easy for administrators to setup specific scanning processes by dragging and dropping workflow objects (for example ″convert to PDF″) and then customizing the workflow as needed
  • Document distribution processes are setup for each MFP
  • Live LDAP feature reflects changes made to your E-mail server instantly at the MFP
  • Network log-in authentication
  • Works with optional Card Authentication Package
  • 128 bit encrypted transmission of scanned documents using HTTPS
  • A library of pre-configured industry templates let you get up to speed quickly and apply best practices that are tuned to specific industry workflows
  • Migratable to GlobalScan NX Office Edition for additional capabilities
  • Card Authentication Package
  • GlobalScan NX Office Edition
  • Optional External Keyboard - The external keyboard provides an alternate way to enter data at the device when using GlobalScan NX.
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GlobalScan™ NX Serverless

Simple, Affordable Document Scanning & Routing
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