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Engineered to meet the diverse needs of educational
LS3000 (Savin)
View Details The Savin LS3000 answers the productivity, flexibility and reliability demands of Corporate Reproduction Departments and Print-for-Pay businesses.

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3260DNP (Savin)
View Details Whether it's a newsletter, bulletin, assignment sheet or any of the countless printed pieces that are part of your workday, the Savin 3260DNP is up to the job.

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3360DNP (Savin)
View Details The Savin 3360DNP's fast, economical performance and crisp output revolutionize print production for religious & charitable organizations, medical, legal & insurance organizations, government agencies and print-for-pay businesses.

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3460DNP (Savin)
View Details The Savin 3460DNP Digital Duplicator is today's advanced high-performance production solution for print-for-pay organizations, commercial printers, in-house corporate reprographics departments, manufacturing and facilities management firms alike.

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3560DNP (Savin)
View Details You'll be amazed at the Savin 3560DNP's exceptional print quality, its ability to place high-density ink on paper with exquisite control and precision, and its smooth and crisp images.

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3160DNP (Savin)
View Details The Savin 3160DNP is an advanced digital duplicator designed for today's schools that offers teachers and administrators alike enhanced printing quality, performance and features...all with a speed of up to 130 pages per minute!

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3450DNP (Savin)
View Details The 3450DNP is the perfect solution for long print runs. It provides exceptional image quality, superior registration and the ability to print on a wide variety of paper types and sizes.

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TC-II (Savin)
View Details Combined with the Savin 3350DNP or 3450DNP, the TC-II prints two-colors in a single pass, guaranteeing tight registration of both colors.

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Priport DD 4450 (SAVIN)
View Details The eco-friendly, easy-to-use Savin® DD 4450 Digital Duplicator offers a host of innovative features for fast, high-quality printing that saves production time — and your bottom line.

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