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Make Your Printer Last Longer

Printers are one of the most common causes of frustration when it comes to office machines. But with these simple tips you can prevent some of those annoying paper jams and keep your printer in top health and office running at full efficiency.
Outside Cleaning
Clean the outside of your printer with a damp lint-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and other particles. Do this regularly to reduce the build-up of dust in and on your printer.
Printer Location
Keep your printer out of direct sunlight and air vents, as heat or dry air can impact the performance of your printer.
Paper Jams
 If you do get a paper jam while using your printer, carefully remove it by using both hands to slowly pull the jammed paper out of the printer to prevent any tears in the paper that would leave pieces still in the printer.
Paper Quality
Make sure you are using paper that hasn’t been bent or folded to prevent paper jams in the first place.
Blank Page
Print a clean, blank page to run through your printer to pick up lint, dust and stray toner.
Regular Service
Duplicating Products recommends that you get your office printers serviced once a year. This ensures your printer stays in top working order to maintain maximum efficiency.  If you printer starts having complications do not to do try to fix them on your own. You’ll risk damaging the printer; this could lead to costly repairs which could have been avoided if a professional had been called at initial signs of a problem. If you need your printer serviced submit a service request form with Duplicating Products.
Printers are necessary for a functioning office. Instead of replacing a printer when its performance starts to lag you can use these tips regularly to increase the life span and improve the performance of your printer. Want more information on printer efficiency? Read our article on making your ink cartridges last longer!
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