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Leasing Options


Office copiers and printers can be expensive pieces of equipment, yet they are necessary for efficient operations. That’s why Duplicating Products offers numerous rental and leasing options to our clients to help provide an option that fits your needs and budget. Since 1974, we have proudly served clients all throughout the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta areas with their office equipment needs. Be sure to check out our office locations to learn more about where you can find us.

We have a wide variety of machines with a range of functionalities and capabilities to ensure you get the equipment that best and most closely fits your needs.

For many businesses, it makes more sense to lease or rent office equipment rather than buy it. This may be the case for a number of reasons. Below are several benefits to leasing or renting your equipment:  

  • You avoid large upfront costs. Leasing allows your company to have high capital products while still keeping your cash on hand.
  • You don’t have to search for repair services. We will cover your leased system under a maintenance agreement and will handle all repairs for you.
  • When you lease instead of purchase, you allow your business the freedom to upgrade to newer and better machines every few years. This is a huge advantage in a world of constantly improving technology.
  • There are also renting options and Cost-Per-Copy agreements. A CPC agreement means that you only pay one invoice for your machine and for the copies made. The set price includes the cost of your machine, service, and supplies to your machine.

Interested in learning more about leasing or renting a copier, printer, fax machine, or multifunction device? Contact us today to find out more. We look forward to serving you!

“Duplicating Products has proven to be one of our most reliable vendors.” 

Melody Samples, Purchasing Manager
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