Time for a new office printer?

Time for a new office printer?

Are you unsure about whether or not it’s time to invest in a new office printer? Here are just a couple questions to ask yourself before making your decision.  

Q: What is your current price per page?

The cost of what you’re paying per page to print can be a big determining factor in whether or not it is time to get a new machine. If you’re paying too much per page, you can likely find a new machine that can lower your costs.

Q: Are you in need of a printer with more functionality?

There are several new printer features that are becoming the industry standard. In today’s wireless world, having a printer that is compatible with mobile devices is necessary in order to make life easier on your office team. Printers that are cloud compatible are also a good idea. With a connection to the cloud you can print any document that has been stored in the cloud. These are just two of the most useful functions you can find on newer models of Canon and Savin printers.

Q: How often is your current printer needing service?

If you’re constantly having problems with your current printer, it is probably a smart idea to go ahead and invest in a new one. In many cases it is actually cheaper to purchase or rent a new printer than to constantly pay repair fees for an older model. By the time you pay for several repairs, you could have paid for a new machine.

After asking yourself a few simple questions can help you make the right decision for your office. If you’re ready to find out more information about Canon and Savin printers, contact us at Duplicating Products and let us guide you to the right choice for your business!


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