Back-to-School Office Supplies

Back-to-School Office Supplies

Now that school has started back in full swing, many teachers and instructors are realizing the supplies that are needed the most in their classrooms. With any teaching job, there’s guaranteed to be mountains of paperwork that will need to be printed, copied and filed away. Duplicating Products has several classroom machines that will make the school year go by much smoother and easier. See our top picks below.

  1. Document Management System: With all the homework and test papers that you will collect for each student, it is a good idea to have a document management system in place to keep everything organized and easy to find. By implementing a document management system, you can eliminate the need for a bulky filing cabinet taking up valuable office space. With document management systems, you’ll also be able to quickly find and view older documents without digging through hundreds of files.

  2. Multifunction Machine: Most institutions provide high volume copiers, printers, and scanners for the entire staff to use. However, sometimes it a nice feeling to be able to print, scan or copy your documents right in the comfort of your own office or classroom. By choosing a multifunction machine, you can have one machine that takes care of several different actions.

  3. Mobile Printer: If you are constantly bouncing from location to location or are always switching classrooms, a mobile printer could be a great investment. Having a lightweight compact printer makes it easy to carry your printer wherever you go. Most mobile printers are also wireless, making it easy to set up anywhere there’s an internet connection.

  4. Photo Printer: For class projects, bulletin boards, posters, and even photos of classroom fun, a photo printer makes it easy to add plenty of color to your classroom in no time.

These are just four of our top back-to-school must-haves you can find at Duplicating Products. Contact us to see how we can be your back-to-school supplier.

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