4 Tips for Creating Cost-Effective Posters

4 Tips for Creating Cost-Effective Posters

Now that school is back in session, there will be hundreds of activities happening on campus. Ordering posters and banners from outside companies can become pretty costly if you aren’t careful, however, there are other cheaper options, such as creating your own.

White Background: Printing banners and posters with a busy background can use up large amounts of ink costing yourself more money. By using colored or patterned paper, you eliminate the need to print the pattern yourself. This way, the only ink you’re using is for the actual text on the poster.

Black and White: Keeping your posters simple and in black and white is a cheaper option than printing posters in full color.

Keep the text simple: More isn’t always better. Sometimes more is just more. Keep your posters simple and to the point, making them easy to read and understand. Sometimes it only takes one simple statement to make a big impact.

Graphics: Making text more visual through using icons, can make a huge difference in how people interpret your message. Adding visual elements makes posters a little more fun and easy to understand.

These are just 4 quick tips for creating a fun, cost-effective poster for any event, group or school function. 

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