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Canon Uniflow
Every organization, no matter how small, has a requirement to keep certain documents secure and not have them sitting on the output tray of a printer. While the built-in features multi-functional Printer (MFP) can provide some basic secure printing, enhanced functionality such as the user being able to walk to a different device or use a card to authenticate are missing. Also, many smaller companies do not have an IT department or a central print server on which printer management systems are usually installed.

uniFLOW Serverless Secure Printing enhances the built-in MFP secure print functionality by bringing "MyPrint Anywhere" functionality and proximity card login to customers who do not have a print server. This not only increases productivity in the users by allowing them to choose which device to release their jobs to, but also reduces waste by preventing unwanted print jobs being printed.

The user prints their job using the normal Canon printer driver and can then walk to any of the Canon MFPs to release the job. Serverless Secure Printing allows up to fifty users and up to five Canon MFPs to use the MyPrint Anywhere functionality. The user can identify themselves with a proximity card, username and password or PIN number, all without the IT burden of a central server.
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