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eCopy ScanStation


     In many organizations, critical requirements - for higher security, enhanced accessibility, faster data entry, or even compatibility with more diverse fleets of copiers - call for an enhanced way to deploy scanning and OCR solutions that start with scanning processes at shared scanners and copiers.    
     Powered by eCopy ShareScan Suite software, eCopy ScanStation is the secure kiosk for network scanning applications that demand high security, enhanced accessibility, faster index-data entry, or connectivity to copiers, MFPs, and scanners that don’t support embedded scanning and OCR solutions.

Ergonomic Kiosk for Easier Accessibility
Use a full-sized, vertically adjustable hardware keyboard, mouse, and 10.5-inch LCD touch screen with sliding platform.
Support for Federal HSPD 12 Compliant Common Access Card Readers
eCopy ScanStation is the ideal solution for federal and Department of Defense agencies that must extend HSPD 12 compliance to multi-function copiers and scanners via Common Access Card (CAC) strong security measures.
Scanning and Indexing with Rapid Data Entry
When you need manual indexing and classification of scanned documents, eCopy ScanStation lets you quickly enter index metadata values and visually confirm document previews to ensure all critical elements (such as a signature field, seal, or identifying marks) have been scanned completely.
eCopy-Enablement for Non-eCopy-Ready Devices
Leveraging industry-standard ISIS and TWAIN scanning interfaces, eCopy ScanStation supports a wide range of copiers and scanning peripherals with eCopy ShareScan’s award-winning network scanning, OCR, and intuitive touch screen capabilities.
eCopy ShareScan Suite included
eCopy ShareScan Suite also integrates with numerous Nuance and 3rd party connectors and extenders to expand and customize document processing content.



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